The Beveled Edge Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon is a valuable facial massage tool for Professional Facial Treatments and Client Home Care that is often overlooked.


The “beveled-shaped” design by Cecily Braden makes it easy to incorporate techniques for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, lifting and smoothing the skin. Like all stones, it can be used warm or cold, with a client favorite is chilled for puffy eyes.

The most FAQ is do you use one or two spoons and the answer is, either!

One spoon is sufficient to attain results, but many professionals like to use 2 spoons to work simultaneously on both sides of the face to ease tension, reduce puffiness and sculpt. The most popular use for home is using chilled for eye care; reducing puffiness, dark circles and soothing eye strain.

CJB Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon

  • Instantly firms and lifts, promotes lymphatic drainage, renew facial contours, reverse sagging skin, diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness, minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines), brightens, promotes radiant complexion, reduce dark spots, blemishes and other skin problems.