4 ozNot your average oil cleanser. Milky consistency absorbs into skin naturally and combines with our natural skin's oil (sebum), with a few drops of water cleanser will foam up to remove rest of the impurities. Wash off with a cloth. This is truly a remarkable product. Diana spent a good amount of time researching and trying different versions of ingredient combinations. The idea of oil in the product binding with skin oil sebum is a great concept. However, some companies are using unnecessary toxic preservatives and heavy consistency oils. Heavy, large molecule oils are clogging skin instead of cleansing. Melt Away Oil Cleanser contains only thin oils, herbal extracts, organic saponified coconut oil and therapeutic essential oils. It truly melts away all impurities, make up and cleanses inside of the pores.  Apply Melt Away on dry skin, massage and watch the cosistency of the cleanser change from milky to slightly foaming to slippery oil. At that point, get a hot wet towel, compress and wipe away. After this quick ritual your skin will feel heavenly soft. It works perfectly for all skin types and conditions.  All skin types and conditions even extremely sensitive skin, including rosacea.

Diana Ralys Melt Away Oil Cleanser

  • Pump cleanser out onto dry hands and massage onto dry skin. Oil and water don’t mix, make sure to massage cleanser thoroughly into the skin. You may add a few drops of water to emulsify the Saponified Coconut. Wipe away with a wet towel (recommended MicroFiber) with warm water, press onto skin and wipe away the cleanser and impurities. If you are removing make-up, do this process twice. Separation is normal, just shake a bit prior to use.

  • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Saponified Coconut Oil*, Marula Oil, Baobob Oil, Essential Oil Blend of: Tangerine*, Grapefruit*, Juniper*, Lavender*, Lemongrass*, Citronela, Litsea. *Organic