It is easy to fall in love with this oil! It will make your skin feel and look youthful and glowing.


Formulated by practicing Skin Therapist/Expert Diana Ralys.


Chia seed is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature, even more than fish oil. These fatty acids moisturize, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and encourage a more plump look of the skin. Chia seed oil is a great source of vitamin B3 and zinc, which helps with oily skin and clogged pores. It contains high concentration of antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid, as well as myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol flavonoids, excellent protection from environmental stress. Antioxidants in chia seed oil are even stronger than vitamin C and vitamin E.


Goji berry,  known as a powerful longevity plant, and has been used for over 2,000 years in a variety of traditional Chinese medicines. In addition to providing a generous boost to the immune system, goji berries  are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin E, and antioxidants. The berries are non-irritating and hydrating the skin. Firming and tightening the skin, also helps to protect the skin from environmental irritants. Another key benefit, of Goji Berry oil is its ability to reduce the appearance of age spots on the skin. Goji berry is packed with minerals, including 11 of the key 22 essential dietary trace minerals, which include calcium, potassium, zinc, iron and selenium. While each mineral performs its own actions, together they all help to firm, tighten up, and plump the skin’s appearance. From a tactile point of view, they even help to make skin feel softer to the touch. Polysaccharides in goji berries can significantly boost white cell function, helping the body build immunity to degenerative conditions. The berry gives the skin a healthy glow through an abundance of naturally occurring carotenoids, which are flavonoids including beta carotene, lutein, lycopene and others. These are all act within the body as antioxidants, protecting cells from free radicals that help destroy cellular membranes and DNA within the cell. Carotenoids are particularly beneficial to the body in its fight against cancer.


Papaya Oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin A & C and a remarkable source of omega 6 & 9 and natural fruit enzymes- papain, an important ingredient for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. The oil is a very potent antioxidant. Papaya Seed Oil in skin care formulations are helpful for maturing and/or sensitive skin. 


Passion fruit oil contains vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and carotenoids. These components provide: protection against environmental stress, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Passion fruit oil is also a great source of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, which helps brighten skin discoloration. Linoleic and oleic acids keep your skin smooth and plump looking while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines. This oil is light and non-greasy, and the skin drinks it up quick. It’s the perfect moisturizer for all skin types, and works well for oily skin as well because of its non-clogging moisturizing action.


Lemon Peel Oil is commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products to enhance the clarity and glow of the skin. It will also provide smoothness and softness to the skin. Lemon Peel contains citric and plant acids to help brighten the skin and stimulate new skin growth.


For thousands of years, people have used frankincense oil to lift, tone and tighten their skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce dark spots and pore size, heal and prevent acne and slow the signs of aging. It has the power to heal wounds, rash, eczema, burns, cuts and scrapes as well as soothe dry and chapped skin. It helps to reduce new and old scars and stretch marks. Frankincense is a natural astringent that helps regenerate healthy cells and keep existing tissue healthy and strong. It is this power to protect and repair skin cells that makes frankincense your most powerful anti-aging essential oil! 

Diana Ralys Radiant Skin Oil

  • Apply as the last step in your PM routine. Massage in thoroughly. Great oil for BioStimualtion Crystal Tool.

  • Chia Seed Oil, Goji Berry Oil, Papaya Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil.