Flor's larger Propolis Radiance Serum has been such a hit,  so they decided to make a smaller travel size for all your ventures!


This lightweight oil is infused with their very own propolis from Flor's farm in Fillmore, collected by the worker bees in a chemical and pesticide free farm. Works best to decongest pores and reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, creating the appearance of smoother skin texture.


Key Ingredient*


Propolis from Buckhorn Canyon Ranch -

Propolis is best known for its healing and restoring properties. Can work to repair the skin and accelerate the growth of new skin cells. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and assists in balancing, soothing, and healing problematic skin. 


Other Ingredients

Jojoba Oil


Flor Propolis Radiance Serum Travel Size

  • Use on its own for day time or before the Royal Jelly Glow cream at night to wake up with supple bouncy skin. 

  • Jojoba oil, Propolis, Lavender