Laurel's Limited Edition Honey Rose Spice Mask is returning for the winter! 


It features vibrant Heirloom Roses from the seashore of Point Reyes, California, raw single-varietal Orange Blossom Honey from Central California, and Tulsi from a belovedSonoma garden. It includes warming circulatory spices that nod to fireside chats and chai lattes. This mask willhydrate, exfoliate, brighten, and nourish revealing a smooth, firm glow. We have edited the formula a tiny bitagain this year for more effortless usage.

Laurel Honey Rose Spice Mask

  • Moisten face and hands. Apply 1 teaspoon or less of mask to fingertips, then glide and massage over damp clean skin. Leave for 10-30 minutes, then rinse. 

    If your mask has solidified or contains what looks like grains of sugar, that is just normal raw honey crystallization. Crystalized honey is not intended to be used as a manual scrub, which would be harsh on facial skin. Take a scoop of 1 tsp or less and warm it in your fingers until it softens, then gently pat onto skin. Add water and use normally. You can also place your entire jar of mask in a hot water bath which will soften and liquify the honey.

    Use within 6 months of opening and within 18 months of manufacture date on the bottom of the jar. Keep jar dry to prevent spoilage.