Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Mini Refresh $70

Ideal for teens & those who are on a tight schedule and need a quick, yet relaxing refresher! The Mini Refresh is our shortened version of our signature facial, Refresh, which leaves your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. It includes a consultation, double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, treatment mask, final hydration + SPF. — 45 min.

Refresh $105

The Refresh is our signature farm-to-face treatment that is uniquely tailored to your current skincare needs. During this facial, you can expect a double cleanse, exfoliation, finishing mask, mini facial massage & final hydration + SPF. If you are looking to relax while treating your skin to the ultimate nourishment and hydration, this one is for you. — 75 min.

Restore $110

Our Restore facial combines two exfoliation modalities, dermaplaning and ultrasonic therapy. Dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hairs “peach fuzz.” Ultrasonic uses sound waves to vibrate impurities & dead skin cells out from underneath your skin as well as using its vibrations to penetrate products 100 times more effectively than a manual massage. This treatment will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and bring your skin back to life leaving it brighter, softer, and glowing. — 90 min.

Gua Sha $135

Gua Sha is an ancient therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. While using sustainably sourced stones, Gua Sha encourages manual lymph drainage which aids in the flow of circulation and de-toxification. This treatment benefits by releasing tension, deminishing inflammation & redness, reduces dark circles and puffiness, stimulates collagen, minimizes fine lines and softens wrinkles, lifts & contours, and restores vitality. Recommended in a series. Purchase a series of 3 Gua Sha treatments for $375. — 90 min.

Relax $85

Do you struggle with breakouts and blemishes on your neck and back? Is your back needing some TLC? Relax is our “bacial” aka back facial which includes a steamed double cleanse, dry brushing, sugar enzyme exfoliation, extractions if necessary + spot treatment, customized masking with steam, and a hydratating moisturizer for your skin! Show your back some love while catching some Z’s. — 60 min.